Focus: It’s no longer a one-size-fits-all marketing plan

Just a few posts ago I discussed the three highlights of my learning in our study of Conscious Consumers. They were relapse, coaching and focus. Since that post I’ve been featuring each one of these topics. Today it’s time for focus.

My long time mentor, partner and one of the founding members of Clarity Coverdale Fury, Tim Clarity, once told me, “Rob, the art of marketing isn’t what you keep in the boat. It’s what you throw out.” That statement was true then and is truer today.

Categories across the board are being disintermediated. From banking, to media consumption, travel and tourism and consumer packaged goods. Never before has the little guy been able to be such a thorn in the side of the larger guy. In my backyard of Minneapolis we need look no further than General Mills who is seeing … Read More »

Building the next generation of Conscious Consumers

We have a long history at CCF of contributing our talents to local non-profits and organizations that may not have the funds or the capacity to create compelling and engaging work. In fact, we’ve been doing non-profit work since the inception of CCF more than thirty-seven years ago. So, you might say it’s part of our DNA.

When we began to explore this idea of a “Conscious Consumer” and digging deep into the mindsets and behaviors of this influential consumer segment, we began to explore more partnerships with non-profits that might support these values. We also saw an opportunity to impact the next generation of Conscious Consumers by partnering with organizations that promote these values through kids programs and initiatives. Sharing our strategic insights and creative talents with organizations that focus on child development became a natural incubator for work that … Read More »

The gift that (literally) keeps on giving

Autumn is my absolute favorite season. Its arrival is always accompanied by gorgeous colors, cooler weather, cozy flannels, hot apple cider and, of course, the exciting anticipation of the holiday season. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa right around the corner, you may fall into either of the following two categories:

You’re completely unprepared for these fast-approaching holidays and remain in denial about the relentless winter months ahead. Bah humbug.


You’re counting down the days until it’s socially acceptable to play Mariah Carey’s Christmas album on repeat and drink unnatural amounts of eggnog.

If you’re like me and fall into the latter of these two, you may also be making a preliminary mental list of the perfect gift to give all of your friends and family members. As a Conscious Consumer myself, I struggle with this each and every time the … Read More »

Conscious Consumers should demand more from Clinton and Trump

Odds are you were one of the more than 80 million viewers that made Monday night’s Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump the most watched in history. What’s interesting is how few of those that watched are undecided voters.

According to the Huffington Post, there are approximately 4.3% of likely votes that are currently undecided. Of the estimated likely/registered voters, that would represent at most, about 6 million voters that Clinton and Trump were trying to win over.

Narrowing that target audience further, because of the Electoral College, there are only a handful of swing states where the eventual decisions of these undecideds even matter. Over the next six weeks, the Clinton and Trump teams are trying to sway the votes of undecided Conscious Consumers living in Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Colorado and Virginia.

It was clear watching the … Read More »

5 Tidbits from Transform, Mayo Clinic’s Health Innovation Conference

Rob Rankin and I attended our first Transform conference last week. Hosted by Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, the 2016 conference theme was “Make Change Possible.”

The conference was highly relevant to the Conscious Consumer and behavior change work we do. Along with social change and environmental issues, health and wellness is the third pillar of Conscious Consumer concerns – but the first priority for most. From self-health to the health of loved ones, both mental and physical, from stress to nutrition to physical activity, Conscious Consumers dedicate time to improving health and wellness.

The Transform conference addressed all areas of health and wellness, and only occasionally slipped into a more clinical vein than would normally be relevant to our work. The conference was designed to allow attendees to hear lots of stories from a varied cast of speakers, including a “PechaKucha” session where … Read More »